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Who are you?

My name is Rob Vary, and I like to take pictures. Luckily, my background in physics, philosophy, and theatre prepared me for a job in which I travel around much of the mid-Atlantic blowing things up in the name of science education. This gives me the opportunity to see and photograph many cool, out-of-the-way locations on a daily basis. I have no formal photography training and a mediocre subcompact digital camera (not pictured), but I've been told I take pretty pictures anyway, especially when I borrow kickin' SLR cameras (pictured) that are unfortunately too bulky for me to use on a daily basis. In fact, it was the gift of my original, not-so-mediocre subcompact digital camera that allowed me to start photographing in earnest as I no longer had to worry about developing costs or, more importantly, getting around to having the film developed, because I am a lazy man. I also like that it allows me to easily display my pictures to a large number of people instead of them just sitting in a box. I grew up in New Jersey, and currently live in Baltimore. My favorite color is green.

She also bought me the hookahWhat's the deal with the balloons?

Back in high school, my mom bought me a balloon animal starter kit because she thought it would amuse me, which it did. I progressed through a series of instruction books, then found directions online, then replicated pictures of other people's sculptures, and now mostly create my own designs. At some point, I decided that I would like some record of these inherently impermanent works, so I started photographing them. It helps that my co-workers are also greatly amused by them, so they insist upon a fresh batch of balloon animals on a regular basis. Keeps me creative, as I hate to repeat myself.

Last reported sighting: Williamsburg, VA, 8/31/07And the Jones Soda thing?

Jones Soda, famous for funky flavors like "Candy Corn" and "Turkey and Gravy," puts publically-submitted photos on all of their labels and packaging. Once submitted, website visitors can rank the pictures, which is taken into consideration in the selection process. Thus far, two pictures out of the approximately fifty I have submitted have been selected. Since only about one percent of pictures are selected, I figure that means that I am four times better than average. Now go vote for all of my pictures, so I can get even more ego gratification! Because it's almost like being published.

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