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No, I don't know why he has Sharpie on his arm
King of Prussia, PA - February 18, 2006

A band called The Glengarry Bhoys used to come to the Scottish and Irish Music Festival, and they freakin' rocked. Recently, however, it seems that there was some sort of schism in the group, with a couple of the original members retaining the Bhoys' name and catalog and the rest forming Greenwich Meantime, seen (in part) here. I don't know how good the current incarnation of the Glengarry Bhoys is, but Greenwich Meantime got the short end of the songwriting stick. Their music's not bad, but the lyrics... leave something to be desired. However, they do still put on a good live show, partly because of the high level of interaction between band members, like bassist Nigel Gibson Bazinet and piper James S. Libbey.
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