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Jones Soda Photo Gallery:  The wonderful people at Jones Soda get most of the pictures on their labels from those posted here, which visitors can rate.  I've posted several dozen of my own pictures there, and I've actually managed to get two of my pictures picked!  Go me!

Astronomy Picture of the Day:  I have visited this site every day for for at least six years, and I never get tired of their gorgeous images and accurate science.

Magic Flute Fine Art Nudes: Not only does this site by professional photographer Stephen Haynes offer lovely pictures of beautiful, naked women (of which I am a fan), it also has truly insightful writings on the real-life moral and practical issues facing photographers, especially those who choose to photograph artistic nudes.

Webshots:  They have I don't know how many hundreds of thousands of pictures on their site, divvied up into downloadable albums. The real feature of Webshots, however, is their free desktop utility that makes it a snap to use your own photos as your wallpaper and in screen-savers.  No, I'm not receiving any money from them.

Can You Picture That?:  My college friend Matt, whose photography is much better than mine. He sells it and has had showings and everything!

Balloon Sculptures-
BalloonHQ:  By far the premiere (and nearly the only) web resource for balloon twisters, with photos, directories, instructions, forums, classifieds, and more. Many of my sculptures came from directions I found there.

La Rock's Fun & Magic Outlet:  I buy all of my balloons from La Rock's, because it's not nearly as easy to find good twisty balloons in retail stores as you might think.

T. Myers Magic:  A little more expensive than La Rock's, but they tend to have a larger selection.

Magical Balloon-dude Dale:  Because online instructional resources for balloon twisting are rather limited, I often tend to find pictures of what others have done and draw from that. Dale has many pictures of his own work, several of which I have indeed stolen shamelessly.

1 & 1:  My hosting service, which is one of the more reasonable such services available that comes with great support.

Image Author: This neat-o free web application lets you easily design and create, among other things, multi-image icons such as my nifty favicon (that little icon in the address bar and next to your bookmark for this site. Because you did bookmark this site.)

The Maryland Science Center:  I work for their Traveling Science Program where I go into schools and freeze, burn, and blow things up all in the name of science education. Check them out next time you're in the Baltimore area.

Bad Astronomy:  Phil Plait is a professional astronomer who has spent years debunking scientific misconceptions and anti-science (to use his term), primarily those dealing with astronomy.  His is perhaps most well known for taking movies and TV shows to task for passing along bad science but also made quite a name for himself by fiercely disproving claims that the Apollo moon landings were faked.  Go there, you'll learn something.

Memoirs of a Skepchick: Similar to Bad Astronomy, the ladies of Skepchick advocate critical thinking, skepticism, and the power of science to illuminate the world around us while not giving in to the cynicism that people all too often associate with skeptics (whether rightly or wrongly). In addition, it's very heartening to see women actively participating in a field that women are far too often discouraged from joining. Rock on, ladies.

Snopes:  While the Urban Legends Reference Pages do look at some science legends, such as balancing eggs on the equinox or toilets flushing in opposite directions on different sides of the equator, they mostly apply the same harsh, uncompromisingly scientific demand for proof to other claims, like that Clint Eastwood is Stan Laurel's son.

Astronomy Picture of the Day:  I know, I already listed it under "Photography."  Go there again.

Pop Culture-
Fametracker:  Haven't you ever wondered which is really more essential to everyday life: Angelina Jolie or bottled water? Or whether Gary Oldman has the amount of fame he deserves? Fametracker has, and they'll tell you all about it in the snarkiest manner possible.

Television Without Pity:  The bigger, older brother of Fametracker, TWoP recaps numerous popular shows (primarily reality shows and hour-long dramas) in excruciating detail and with withering sarcasm.  Useful if you miss an episode of your favorite show, especially if you've got a love-hate relationship going on with it (hello, Smallville.)  Pretty much all the info you could want on any TV show you can think of, including brief episode recaps and trivia.

Internet Movie Database:  Unless you live in a hole, you already know the wonder that is the IMDb.  But since I visit it more often than I visit the bathroom each day, I figured I had to toss up a link to it.

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