Trial balcony
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Don't think they reenact that part, chief
Williamsburg, VA - August 30, 2006

In the courthouse in Colonial Williamsburg (which at one point was the state courthouse of Virginia), historic trials are reenacted at night by candlelight, with members of the public acting as the jury. We saw two trials. The first was a rather funny pirate trial of a man and a woman who were rather spectacularly inept pirates and were (at least in the reenactment, though in the woman's case not so much in real life) found guilty as sin. The second was a much more serious witch trial in which the evidence presented against the woman was strong and she presented nothing in her own defense and questioned none of the witnesses. According to the standards of the early 1700s she would have been found guilty (and that's how I voted), but the majority of the audience were obviously voting according to the standards of our time, and found her innocent.

Too bad. I wanted to see a burnin'. Or a hangin'. It's all good.

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