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November 28, 2005-
Headroom, Hair Care, and Don't Parking have all been submitted to Jones Soda.  Rate them and the rest of my pictures to get on labels!

November 27, 2005-
Well, the visitor boom didn't last very long.  And I didn’t get any more paying gigs.  Ah well.  I'll be putting up pictures from the portfolio shoot soon, so that any possible clients checking out the site will know that they are, indeed, in the right place.  Despite the balloon animals.

In other news, you'll notice that the Sunsets section has been renamed Sky, mainly because I finally dragged myself up out of bed early enough to get some nice sunrise pictures.

I also hope to redo the site before too much longer. Not because I don't like its current design, which I do, but because my dad just gave me some new web design software that hopefully won't suck the life out of me for several hours every time I try to put in one freakin' new picture causing me to go a couple of months between updates NetObjects Fusion.  Not to point the finger or anything.

September 27, 2005-
So I've finally gotten around to finishing that big update of backlogged pictures I promised over a month ago. And somehow, in that same time, I managed to get backlogged again. Not too much though, because I've only had my new camera for a fairly short amount of time (though apparently I got the date of release wrong by a couple weeks).  Speaking of my new camera, it's been working out pretty well so far; it seems to have everything I liked about my old camera and then some, which is of course what I'd hoped for. It is a little bit too shiny, though, but why nitpick.

In other news, I completed the professional photography gig I mentioned last time. The pictures came out very well, if I do say so myself, and she seemed to be very pleased with them.  I plan on scanning some of them in and posting them for everyone to see.

And that brings me to news I never really expected to post.  It seems that the woman who hired me to shoot her portfolio has been giving my name out, along with a link to this site, to lots and lots of other models, and has posted a link on several websites that, get this, actually get visitors.  As a result, I've seen traffic to this site skyrocket over the last few weeks. That means that, for the first time, I'm getting a sustained stretch of visitors that I've never actually met.  This rather confuses me, but I really hope it continues.  Especially if some of these new visitors are interested in paying me to take pictures.

So, to all of my new visitors: Welcome.  Look around, enjoy yourself, let me know what you think. I hope you like it here.

August 31, 2005-
Apparently my last news entry was a bit of a "downer," so I'll try to perk it up a bit.  I haven't got a new camera yet, but I'm eyeing the Minolta DiMAGE X1, which is the latest version of my sadly vanished DiMAGE Xt, which is long since obsolete and out of production, apparently. Of course, the X1 won't actually be released until September 25, so I'll have to continue using film for a while longer.

At this point, you may be wondering, "Hey, how are you going to afford to buy a fancy-pants new digital camera when you work in the field of non-profit science education and just moved to a new apartment causing your car insurance to nearly double, though you'll still be saving due to a far shorter commute, fewer bills, and lower rent?"  Funny you should ask!  I was just approached for my second-ever semi-professional photography gig ever.  That's right, someone is actually going to pay me to take pictures of them for a modeling portfolio, almost like I'm a real photographer!  Neat!

In other happy news, it seems that whilst my computer was in repair limbo this site was discovered by Google.  'Bout time, I says.


August 22, 2005-
Well, I got my computer back, finally. They had to replace the hard drive, but didn't say what the problem was (cat hair!), so I can finally update again. In fact, look for a big update of backlogged pictures before too long (though it may have to wait until after I move to my new apartment this weekend.)

That's the good news.

The bad news is that I lost my camera today. I could swear that I put it back in my bag when I left the beach today (by the way: I have a great job), but it wasn't there when I got back to the car and it was nowhere to be found when I went back to look for it.  No one on the beach had seen it, either.  It just seems to have completely vanished.  This upsets me greatly. That camera was a gift from my parents and helped to fully involve me in perhaps the most fulfilling hobby I've ever had, one which I certainly don't plan on giving up any time soon. I'll just have to fall back on my trusty old manual 35mm (which belonged to my dad before I was born), or on my not-quite-so-trusty-but-much-more-portable Advantix camera. Unfortunately, this also means that after the aforementioned large update, new photos will definitely be scarce for a while, for two reasons. One, I am poor, and as such cannot afford to develop film very often, so I'll probably be taking far fewer pictures.  Two, I am especially lazy when it comes to getting film developed.  These are both among the reasons that my poor MIA Minolta digital point-and-shoot helped open up photography to me in ways that film cameras couldn't.  That, and my film photos have an unsettling tendency to just sit around in boxes, even though I do have a working scanner. Again, lazy.

But we'll see. Maybe it'll give me a chance to finally write that About page that I've been talking about for so long.

August 5, 2005-
You may notice that I won't be updating the site for a little while, nor will I be around online.  This is due to the fact that my computer's hard drive suddenly started making funny percolating noises.  (Happy birthday to me!) Since it made the same sounds a year ago with my old hard drive, I have to send my computer in so they can figure out what the deal is. I'm going with cat hair.

You may also have noticed that it's already been quite a while since I really updated the site.  This is due to laziness.

July 23, 2005-
A "Science" section has been added to the Links page, because otherwise I would have lost my job. The About page continues to languish in my mental limbo.

July 9, 2005-
About page has been updated, but I don't think you're gonna like it.

Hey, I only just realized it was a totally blank page, okay?

July 3, 2005-
Links page is now up. Check it out, there’s good stuff there.

July 2, 2005-
The News page and Contact Me link are now live.  Links and About pages are currently in the works. You may be wondering, "If he's only making the News page now...." Yes, that means that all of the announcements below this one are completely retroactive.

By the way, you didn't really click on that News link in this announcement, did you? Seriously, where did you think you were going?

June 25, 2005-
Holy crap! Feed the Birds has been picked to be on a bottle of Jones Soda!  For those keeping track, that makes two for me! So keep an eye out for Strawberry Lime and M.F. Grape flavors! GO ME! And don't forget to rate the rest of my pictures, too!

June 22, 2005-
Due to the high number of pictures in it, the Balloon Creations album has now been split into two galleries: Balloons A-L and Balloons M-Z.  And while you're there, check out my new Sea Turtle design! Isn't it awesome?

June 7, 2005-
A new gallery of pictures from the Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air & Space Museum is now up in the Places album.

May 8, 2005-
After many long minutes of designing, Varied Perspectives is now live and on the air! New galleries will be up as soon as I finish figuring out when and where I took all of my pictures.

May 6, 2005-
Jones Soda has chosen Turtle Crossing to be on bottles of Strawberry Lime soda!  I rock!

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