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November 13, 2006-
Hey! So instead of posting new pictures, I've been working intensely over the past week and a half or so to bring you a new, incredibly exciting site feature: COMMENTS! That's right, on every photo page there is now a small link that says "Open up" which will , um, open up the comments form for that particular photo. Unless you have Javascript disabled, that is. In which case you'll just see the comments form itself without the neat-o show/hide thingy. So please, go forth and comment!

(Incidentally, if you're wondering why it took me so long to get this up and running, I don't exactly have what you might call "experience" with scripting or code or anything like that. I am, however, very good at scrounging many different parts and cobbling them together to make a functional, if inelegant, whole. And it took a lot of trial and error, plus at least two days where the site wouldn't load in Internet Explorer. I fixed it though, see!)

In other news, a few weeks ago I got an e-mail from a woman named Cheryl Tice who was making a non-profit podcast to show how to sign up for some technology courses and wanted permission to use one of my pictures, which was apparently perfect for it. Which picture? Why, this one, of course. Naturally I was curious as to how a disembodied balloon Yoda head was perfect for a technology course, so I of course gave my permission. And upon seeing the final product I can say it is, indeed, perfect. And wacky! Nice use of spuds.

Lastly, the past couple months I've been getting over 200 visitors a day! And they've mostly been real people, not just search engine robots! But oddly, this picture has been the most popular photo on the site by a pretty wide margin for a while now. Why? There's maybe five words for search engines to latch on to! Anyone? I need answers, people!

And I promise real, photographic updates very soon. And maybe even other items of interest. If you're good.

August 25, 2006-
Due to my visit to the main part of the National Air & Space Museum in DC, the Udvar-Hazy section has been retitled Air & Space, because I really couldn't justify putting those new pictures anywhere else. We apologize for the inconvenience.

July 31, 2006-
Art & Music has finally been updated, marking the end of the pictures that got backlogged while I was redoing the site in GoLive. Now that just leaves... all the pictures that got backlogged while I was working on that backlog. Crap.

And if you're wondering why it took me so long to update Art & Music, it's because I had to sort through over 150 pictures just to get those measly seven concert shots. Little camera not so good in low light from a distance.

Oh, and you may have noticed that I divvied up the news posts by year, since this page was starting to get rather unwieldly.

July 4, 2006-
Phew, that one took a while. It takes a good bit of time (and, more importantly, mental energy) to get that many pictures up in one lump. I just nearly doubled the Structures gallery! More, smaller updates shouldn't be too long in coming.

May 9, 2006-
As of yesterday, Varied Perspectives is one year old. I meant to update about this momentous milestone yesterday, but I was lazy and stuff. I've gotten a lot done in that time, with multiple cameras, a decent scanner, two hard drives, lots of balloons, a random LiveJournal link, a crappy web design program, a good web design program, a whole lot more visitors, one paying gig, and an excellent model.

And I still haven't written that About page. Maybe next year.

April 22, 2006-
What's this? Another new gallery a mere three days later? Freaky!

April 19, 2006-
After overwhelming popular demand from my adoring public, the Models page is now fully active with its first gallery, starring the incredibly beautiful Annelise. Check it out, let me know what you think, and pass my name along to anyone who might like my photographic services.

April 9, 2006-
Puzzled, Nice parking spot, and AVAM Cafe have all been added to my Jones Soda gallery, along with another picture that has not yet been added to the site. Go vote for them!

March 25, 2006-
All of the photo pages have now been redone, eliminating the last remnants of NetObjects from the site. Keep an eye out for anything that doesn't seem to be the way it should be so's I can fix it. And look out for updates in the near future!

February 26, 2006-
I've finally finished renaming and rearranging all of the files on here (no mean feat since there were over 1500 to go through). I've also completely redone all of the menu and gallery pages, which means only minor cosmetic changes (like captions) for you, but makes things significantly easier for me behind the scenes. All that I have left to do now is redo all of the individual photo pages, which will take a while but isn't quite the monumental task that the renaming was. After I finish that, then I can finally start updating again! Yay!

In other news, I have been routinely getting more than a hundred visitors a day for several weeks now. I've continued getting visitors from NetObjects, but not nearly enough to cover this massive influx, and my logs did not list any other major referers. Checking the geography listings let me know that I was getting an odd number of visitors from Scandinavia, but still did not explain anything. Finally, I thought to check on what browsers my visitors were using, something I normally don't care much about. And ther I found that by far the most popular browsers looking at this site were the Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AskJeeves robots.


While I was a little disappointed to find out that it wasn't actually real people visiting me, it's very cool that now people are much more likely to find me by searching. In fact, last week I got an e-mail from the owner of Crazy for Ewe, the Leonardtown yarn shop where I took this picture. As it turns out, if you do a Google search on "Crazy for Ewe," my website comes up fifth. Neat! We'll see what sort of repercussions this will have.

January 22, 2006-
So I got another spike in visitors a couple weeks ago. Apparently, back when I first started this site I submitted it to the NetObjects website as an example of what can be done with their program. It seems that they only checked my layout and didn't actually read anything I've written about them, so they included me in their "best of the best" gallery. I hate to tell them, but I finally got around to installing the programs my dad gave me and am currently in the process of redoing the whole site using Adobe GoLive, which rocks. (Dad also gave me Adobe "so damn powerful, it's a verb!" Photoshop, but I have yet to play with that.) So far I've mostly been using GoLive to fix all the things that NetObjects has screwed up, but it actually does what I tell it to and doesn't try to change things while I'm not looking so that when I do something it actually stays done. Crazy! This will mostly result in minor cosmetic changes as far as you all are concerned, but those signify large behind-the-scenes changes for me that will hopefully mean more updates.

Oh, and I also got one link from a totally random person's livejournal. Isn't that how you know your website's made it? When a livejournal links to you? I have no idea how she found me, but in what may or may not be a coincidence, she recently designed a full-color ad in PC Pro Magazine for NetObjects Fusion. Freaky. Regardless, I feel like I should thank her for the link with a balloon animal, but they really don't ship well. So, Steph, if by some chance you actually come back and read this, shoot me a request and I'll put up a picture, just for you.

Hey, visitors are awesome.

Update: It seems that in the process of switching files from one program to the other, my links have lost their pop-up-ability, and all of the links to my Jones Soda pictures got kerfluffled and will now land you on an error page. I'll fix this when I get around to it.

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