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Yes, I saw Clerks too. Shut up.
Randallstown, MD - September 15, 2005

Maryland has a strange local concoction that natives take for granted exists everywhere, which it most assuredly does not.  It is called a sno-ball, and near as I can figure from descriptions I have been given (for I apparently did not get a "true" sno-ball at the stand I went to) it should have larger chunks of ice than Italian ice (but not as big as a sno-cone), the myriad add-on syrup flavor combinations of sno-cones, and toppings such as the popular marshmallow fluff. It's something taken quite seriously around here, it seems. (Incidentally, this description was edited after being told quite emphatically that I’d gotten it wrong. Which goes to prove my point.)

That being said, even as a non-native I can tell you that this van is not really the right place to get your sno-balls.
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